Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Free - Vegan Magazine

Free vegan vegetarian magazine

Da Vegan Code Approved Products number 20909M

World Vegetarian And Vegan News: Vegetarian Magazine - Free !: "Vegetarian Magazine - Free !
Off The Hoof magazine - Going Veggie for a Greener Planet

World Vegetarian and Vegan news moans..

"Publishing these days is a hard business. You give thousands of copies to WH Smith and there's no telling where they end up, you give hundreds away to health stores and by the time they make it out of the stock room onto the shelf the magazine is out of date. The whole point of a magazine is that you want it read by millions of people but with millions of people sitting in front of computers all day maybe it's better to go with the flow and just post it online so that the whole world can read it........"

whatever - anyway the magazine is free - go read it now - share it with your friends.

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