Thursday, July 20, 2006

Vegan Pirates o the Carob Bean

The Vegan Pirates o The Carob Bean Forum confirm that "they be followin the ways o Da Vegan Code" and have a new forum to "encourage folks to be talkin like a pirate"

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Win Stuff in Vegan Competitions

Crack the vegan codes to win stuff in National Vegetarian Week Competitions

You can win Vegan Chocolate from Plamil Foods, Vegan DHA & EPA from V Pure, and a host of brain boosting foods from The Food Doctor.

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Symbols of Da Vegan Code are all around us.

 sunflower symbols - 1.618 Phi the Golden ratio

Da Vegan code is all around us some just choose not to see. Chosen for it's perfect opposing spirals in a perfect Golden ratio of Phi 1.618 in the Fibonacci sequence, the Da Vegan Code sunflower symbol is all around us.

Da Vegan Code Symbol without secret PHI spiral - vegan trademark sunflower

As well appearing on well known household products from Pure Sunflower Spread - to Original Source Shower Gel or Plamil Chocolate Da Vegan Code is at work providing solutions to environmental issues too.

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Sunflower oil boost to car future: "As petroleum supplies gradually dwindle and the impacts of global warming become more pressing, the arguments in the eyes of some people for moving from an oil-based economy to one based on hydrogen become more and more persuasive.

'The production of hydrogen from biomass and bio-oils represents a realistic renewable source,' said Dr Andrew Moss, a member of the research team at Leeds.
'This particular process could enable hydrogen to be produced from vegetable-oil-derived materials by either stationary fuel processors, or even on-board processors in fuel-cell cars.'

These cars of the future would have a tank full of sunflower oil, or some other bio-oil, that would be turned into hydrogen as you drove along. The hydrogen would power the fuel-cell motor - the gas being combined with oxygen in the cell to produce electricity and water.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Did Leonardo Da Vinci follow Vegan code?

O Draconian Devil - Leonardo Da Vinci: "It is apparent from the works of Leonardo and his early biographers that he was a man of high integrity and very sensitive to moral issues. His respect for life led him to being a vegetarian at least part of his life (although, the term 'vegan' would fit him well, he even entertained the notion that taking milk from cows amounts to stealing. Under the heading, 'Of the beasts from whom cheese is made,' he answers, 'the milk will be taken from the tiny children.' Citation needed). Vasari reports a story that as a young man in Florence he often bought caged birds just to release them. He was also a respected judge on matters of beauty and elegance, particularly in the creation of pageants."

A veganic code of ethics indeed. - Da Vegan Code

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Da Vegan Code - Official Website

Da Vegan Code - Official website

Da Vinci

Da Vegan Code - Da Vinci Vegan Diet

The Secret Society Of Vegans

The Secret Society of Vegans


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