Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Symbols of Da Vegan Code are all around us.

 sunflower symbols - 1.618 Phi the Golden ratio

Da Vegan code is all around us some just choose not to see. Chosen for it's perfect opposing spirals in a perfect Golden ratio of Phi 1.618 in the Fibonacci sequence, the Da Vegan Code sunflower symbol is all around us.

Da Vegan Code Symbol without secret PHI spiral - vegan trademark sunflower

As well appearing on well known household products from Pure Sunflower Spread - to Original Source Shower Gel or Plamil Chocolate Da Vegan Code is at work providing solutions to environmental issues too.

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Sunflower oil boost to car future: "As petroleum supplies gradually dwindle and the impacts of global warming become more pressing, the arguments in the eyes of some people for moving from an oil-based economy to one based on hydrogen become more and more persuasive.

'The production of hydrogen from biomass and bio-oils represents a realistic renewable source,' said Dr Andrew Moss, a member of the research team at Leeds.
'This particular process could enable hydrogen to be produced from vegetable-oil-derived materials by either stationary fuel processors, or even on-board processors in fuel-cell cars.'

These cars of the future would have a tank full of sunflower oil, or some other bio-oil, that would be turned into hydrogen as you drove along. The hydrogen would power the fuel-cell motor - the gas being combined with oxygen in the cell to produce electricity and water.

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