Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Meat Free Monday Replaces Meat Free Friday

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World Vegetarian And Vegan News: Healthy Vegan recipe DVD More proof of the Da Vegan code at work - A new DVD and also a new Vegan Cook Book have been launched.

High ranking officials of the Secret Da Vegan Code illuminati gathered this week in St James Park, London, UK to announce the launch of Meat Free Monday following in the steps of the Knights Templar No Meat on a Friday introduced by The Christian Church through our work many generations ago.

It was originally hoped that Fridays would be vegan and that people would reap the benefits of no meat and discover the goodsense. However people were duped into thinking that fish was not a living creature and thus notr meat andto this day many believe that vegetarians eat fish.

More luck it hoped with this Meat Free Mondays campaign by Paul McCartney and his family.

NB: There is no suggestion that Sir Paul McCartney or his family are living members of the secret society of vegans living da vegan code - all living members identities are secret. There is no suggestion that the following people in this AP photograph are conected with Da Vegan Code or involved in Da Vegan Code activities - that would just be a conspiracy theory.

Da Vegan Code Meat Free Mondays replace Da Vegan Code Meat Free Fridays

As we get closer to 1:11:11 you will see more events of this nature as da vegan code prospers as per the prophecies of Da Vinci.

Vegan CookBook - Vegan DVD

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