Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday 1.11.11 All will be revealed

So what's so special about the 1:11:11 - Tuesday the 1st November 2011? It's all saints day but that happens every year. It's World Vegan Day but that's every year too. The Da Vegan Code legend states that the hundreth monkeysyndrome will invoke widespread realisation about veganism. There will be those who have the knowledge and those who do not.

The monkey looks into the pond and sees nothing but algae but then as the sun bursts from behind the clouds his eyes are opened he sees a sparkling life form with the DNA of all life forms hidden in the dark magical depths of the forest green pool, essential amino acids and long chain fatty acids DHA and EPA reveal themself to him personified as a guardian angel of life. This angel reveals to him a vision of all life living in harmony, where death and suffering and torture have evaporated into pure love for life and appreciation of the gift of giving and not taking. This is completing the circle of life takling us back to the begining of mankind in Eden where all seed baring plants and fruit baring trees were the true food

In binary 011 is one - the one, thus 01.11.11 - the first day of the one who comes from the first one

from which thus we get Vegan = 0101011001100101011001110110000101101110

01110011 represents the letter S a sacred letter in Da Vegan Writings

Semitic Šîn ("teeth") represented a voiceless postalveolar fricative /ʃ/ (as in ship). Greek did not have this sound, so the Greek sigma (Σ) came to represent /s/. The name "sigma" probably comes from the Arabic word "samak" (fish; spine)

Fish is a well known symbol for 'the one', sybolising a strong spine as oppose to weak which is where it's thought we get the term 'spineless' - (Opposite of one with great spine)

S may also symbolise a link to Samgak San a sacred mountain in South Korea that house the secret sacred Samgak San Shamanic Mountain-spirit Shrines

A 'harm none' universal law becomes the new standard of faith.

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